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Kitchener Waterloo Is Standing Up for the Cities We Want

By: Sean Campbell & Miles DePaul, Scaled Purpose 

The Kitchener-Waterloo Roundtable brought together over 20 people with a deep passion for seeing smart growth within their city. As KW continually grows exponentially there was a lot of excitement, yet caution, about how they city can grow in a sustainable way. 

With the emergence of strong technology companies (Google, D2L, Communitech) there is a massive wave of economic development and transit growth. Our group, which was composed of many individuals with an environmental and social progressive perspective, were interested in exploring how we can ensure smart growth alongside this economic growth. How do we reduce our reliance on car culture? How do we ensure low income and vulnerable populations aren’t forgotten in the development of the city? How do we ensure growth of the city doesn’t equate to reduction of rural land in surrounding communities?