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Mississauga is Standing Up for the Cities We Want

By: Nabeel Ahmed 

The Mississauga & Brampton WAC roundtable in March was about energy and optimism. On a great spring day we were fortunate to host a fun conversation about what it would take to bring our cities to the next level and generated a bunch of ideas. In short, we exceeded all of our expectations and then some.

It seemed like there was a real desire and need for this kind of conversation; while some of the participants knew each other from before, many did not and were really gratified to find other kindred spirits. So were we.

(We had more people show up than expected, despite not marketing this at all in the 10 days prior to the roundtable.)

While some of the issues identified by participants were usual suspects, we also came up with some surprising insights (such as not doing enough to tap into the incredible diversity of Peel Region) and had a number of really interesting ideas.

We were happy to see several participants already working on the issues they identified and taking ownership for their ideas. It was also great to see how almost everyone asked about hosting more events like this - of the 29 people who showed up, I’m confident that at least half would return if we held these conversations on a monthly basis.