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Ottawa's Standing Up for the Cities We Want

This blog profiles the March 17th Ottawa roundtable at the Hunt Club/Riverside Community Center

The round table generated a lot of discussion on all levels. However, arts and culture generated the most interest and discussion.

Amongst the groups, it became clear that many people want to have avenues for informal arts performance in the community. There was discussion on how this could be achieved. The idea is that arts and culture is a strong tool to develop the community as well as the people.

The other issue that generated good discussion is shared green spaces.  The suggestion here is that the green space in our neighbourhood should be preserved for education purposes for schools in the community and for our children. However, there was another suggestion that says that the green space should be developed into inclusive spaces that can serve various needs such as exercise parks, arts projects, trails, study of nature, birds.

Finally, the other issue that generated a lively discussion is public transport. Interestingly, the conversation was focused towards public transit as a way to reduce pollution and improve air quality. In order to achieve this goal, we need to reduce the number of cars on the road and increase and courage the use of active transportation.