Sample Invitation

Dear [Name] ,

I’m reaching out to extend a special invitation to you to join a roundtable on the future of Canadian cities. [I/Our] organization have/has recently joined We Are Cities (, a campaign to create a new vision and action plan for how we can build livable cities – exciting and healthy places for all Canadians to live, work and play.

Canada’s future quality of life and prosperity are directly tied to the health and vitality of our cities. For too long decision-makers have ignored our urban areas – implementing policies that hurt cities and the people who live in and around them. 80% of Canadians live in urban areas. Whether downtown, in a suburb, or in a rural area nearby, we all benefit when our cities work.

[I/We] are hosting a roundtable here in with a group of local civic- minded individuals to generate a set of ideas that will be put forward for the action plan. Roundtables are happening in cities in every province and territory across the country this spring.

Convening this group is also a great opportunity to find alignment and opportunities to work closely and more effectively together as we collectively work to make our city thrive.

This campaign needs your help, and [I/we] would be so happy if you would join us for a roundtable.

The Details:

[Date], [Time]
[Location], [Address]
[Parking and/or transit info]

RSVP: [Insert link event link, e.g.]

More information on the campaign:

Feel free to contact me with any questions.