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We Are Cities Action Agenda Released!

Here it is, the We Are Cities Action Agenda! Thanks for standing up for your cities, Canada!

As you know, We Are Cities mobilized Canadians across the country to shape a vision and action agenda to build better cities. Thousands of us contributed online and through citizen-led roundtables by providing ideas on how we can make our cities more livable. The ideas that resonated most with the Canadians that participated, are in this Agenda.

The We Are Cities Action Agenda offers a starting point for further conversation and emphasizes that we all have a role to play in creating the places we want to live. The Agenda is intended to inspire and catalyze action – locally and nationally – and builds on efforts already underway across the country.

Collectively we hope to advance these ideas because we believe they are important to building empowered, healthy and equitable cities. Please share the We Are Cities Action Agenda with your networks!

What’s next?

  • In the coming weeks, the Agenda will be shared with the new federal government to discuss how We Are Cities can support tangible opportunities to build the cities we want.
  • Partners are engaged in order to establish funding support and collective action approaches to implementing the Agenda’s ideas.
  • Cities, take action! Continue the conversation locally, reconvene your roundtable or participate in 100in1 Day to help catalyze and initiate change in your city.