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We Are Cities: Community Innovation Grant Launches

We Are Cities is excited to announce the launch of the Community Innovation Grant, which will support local projects addressing issues critical to the success of our communities. These grants, focused on actions resulting from the roundtables, will provide $2,000 or $5,000 to groups who want the opportunity to test or scale a great city-building idea in their community. 

Not only are the ideas coming out the roundtables providing incredible content for the national urban agenda, but roundtables have also been generating amazing ideas for immediate local action that could have an impact on our cities. So we decided that this was something we needed to support.

The Community Innovation Grants will enable us to continue to develop the national policy agenda, while recognizing the great work that is already happening on the ground across the country – and learning from them as we develop the agenda.

So please check out this great opportunity and forward it to anyone you know who is working on an idea that has the potential to transform Canadian cities.