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Join us for We Are Cities Day!


Thanks for your support, Canada! Over the first phase of the campaign we collectively hosted more than 65 roundtables in 33 cities and engaged over 2,500 people. Thanks to people like you, people from coast to coast contributed to meaningful conversations about the type of cities they want.

And now we're excited to invite you to participate in We Are Cities Day on October 8, 2015. We Are Cities Day is the final opportunity for you to contribute your input before we take everything we've heard throughout the campaign and shape it into the cities action agenda.

Through a two-hour roundtable, you will have the chance to provide us with feedback on the framework we’re developing based on the ideas generated throughout the campaign – it will also be a chance to deepen the We Are Cities network in your local community. 

We're excited for the conversations that will occur in cities across the country on October 8th. So can we count on you? Sign up to host 
a We Are Cities Day roundtable today!

Let's stand up for our cities.